The Benefits of Security for Small Businesses

You’ve spent years building your company, the staff is all you could ask for and your products/services are in high demand. Now that the day-to-day operations are running smoothly, you can relax, right?

Before you get too comfortable, ask yourself what you would do if something happens, on-site, to one of your staff members or to your business location that impacts the work you are doing? While you are picking up the pieces, it’s likely you’ll be wishing you had better security measures in place.

What can a Security Firm do for my Business?

There are many benefits to hiring a security firm to protect your business and, even more importantly, your staff and customers. There is no wrong time to hire a security firm.…except after something happens.

With on-site security (supported by an offsite team) you get:

  1. Crime Prevention
    This seems obvious, but most of us only think about the dangers of theft and other crimes after the fact. Studies have shown that the presence of a security guard (armed or unarmed) is enough to deter many criminal behaviors.
  2. Efficient, on-the-spot action
    Of course, if an unfortunate incident does occur, you have the incomparable benefit of a trained professional on hand to take immediate action. No more waiting a few minutes (or more) for law enforcement, medical teams or the fire department to deliver aid that could potentially reduce a loss or save a life.
  3. Remote monitoring
    While a security guard can’t be in all places at once, our remote monitoring teams can. Detection is the first stage of deterrence, and with this outside support our on-site guards are even more effective.
  4. Improved customer service
    This may sound unusual at first, but it is an important aspect of our program. Our staff undergoes extensive client-relations training and brings with them a courteous, helpful attitude your customers and staff will appreciate.
  5. A greater sense of security
    This is what it’s all about. Your staff will work more efficiently, your customers will feel relaxed, and you’ll enjoy a significant reduction in stress.

And that’s just the beginning. For a complete understanding of how a professional security company can protect your business, contact us today.

The Benefits of a Safe and Secure Community

Apartment complexes, condominium developments and other gated communities are excellent prospects for burglary and other crimes. The high concentration of families, possessions and vehicles in a small area make for a prime target.

With a dedicated security team protecting your community, these risks are drastically reduced. Security needs vary by location, layout and activity level, but no community can do without effective security measures. Just a few of the benefits that a dedicated security company can provide are:

An Effective System to Deter, Detect and Take Action

Having a system in place to meet and mitigate problems is essential. Security guards, cameras and signs do much to deter potential threats to property and person. If an event should occur, you’ll be glad to have it resolved quickly and efficiently.

Onsite Guards + Off-Site Surveillance

Having trained security guards patrolling the premises significantly deters unauthorized activity. They are also able to respond immediately in the event of an unexpected incident and provide emergency services and protection while law enforcement and medical personnel arrive minutes later. Finally, professional security companies will tailor the surveillance and protective measures to fit the specific needs of your community so you know you are getting the most effective protection possible.

Safe Tenants are Happy Tenants

The presence of trained security guards and the knowledge of greater external security help tenants feel safe and more content with their living situation. This may translate into better tenant-relations, increased likelihood of renewed leases and a positive atmosphere that prospective tenants will appreciate.

Want more information? Contact us today for an in-depth look at what SPS can do for you.

What Does Security Really do for Public Events?

Having an effective security plan for large events like concerts, sports games and speeches is essential, but as threats and circumstances can change in an instant, your plan must also be adaptable and inclusive of ‘unlikely events’. These unlikely events include bomb threats, terrorist attacks, violence and substance abuse, and can also lead to crowd disorder and rioting.

While most security firms can provide the manpower and basic surveillance required to maintain a minimum level of safety, there are few who can account for the unexpected, and fewer still who can create plans of preparedness and execute them effectively.

As we saw in previous articles on community and corporate security, benefits and safety accrue in exponential ways as more security measures are applied to a location or situation. In the case of the large event, these benefits can save lives and create an environment of reduced tension.

Security begins with the prevention of unauthorized people/items coming into an event. Checkpoints, adequate numbers of guards and strict approval protocols ensure that only those with tickets, or who are participating in the event, are able to gain access to the location. This standard (but difficult) procedure deters potential threats and reduces the chances that a disturbance will occur.

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