What Does Security Really do for Public Events?

Having an effective security plan for large events like concerts, sports games and speeches is essential, but as threats and circumstances can change in an instant, your plan must also be adaptable and inclusive of ‘unlikely events’. These unlikely events include bomb threats, terrorist attacks, violence and substance abuse, and can also lead to crowd disorder and rioting.

While most security firms can provide the manpower and basic surveillance required to maintain a minimum level of safety, there are few who can account for the unexpected, and fewer still who can create plans of preparedness and execute them effectively.

As we saw in previous articles on community and corporate security, benefits and safety accrue in exponential ways as more security measures are applied to a location or situation. In the case of the large event, these benefits can save lives and create an environment of reduced tension.

Security begins with the prevention of unauthorized people/items coming into an event. Checkpoints, adequate numbers of guards and strict approval protocols ensure that only those with tickets, or who are participating in the event, are able to gain access to the location. This standard (but difficult) procedure deters potential threats and reduces the chances that a disturbance will occur.

Trained security personnel operating according to a rehearsed plan are qualified and ready to undertake continuous threat and risk assessment during the event. A professional security agent will be able to detect unsafe or otherwise abnormal behavior within the crowd and at certain high-risk areas such as exits, restrooms and concession stands.

Having a robust and adaptable security team in place also reduces your liabilities during an unlikely event. With few exceptions, trained security firms are able to contain situations that might otherwise get out of control if handled by a less prepared group.

Though many attendees of large events occasionally find themselves at odds with security protocols or agents, there is a certain sense of safety and well-being that comes with knowing a location is protected by authorized staff. This alone provides a significant, tangible benefit for the event in the form of reduced disorder by attendees.

Of course, every event poses its own unique challenges that must be considered carefully before a security plan can be created. For additional information and to see how we will handle your specific event, please contact us today.

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