7 Things You Should Expect from Your Security Program

The security industry today has more tools at its disposal than ever before. This means that as a client, your expectations for your security program should be high. In fact, they probably aren’t high enough.

Many of the top security programs in the country pride themselves on delivering far more value than standard on-site personnel. You may be surprised that a security firm can be a tremendous asset to the way your company or community functions. They go far beyond ‘traditional’ expectations such as risk mitigation and avoidance, and front desk and access control duties.

Here are 7 things that you should consider when hiring a security firm.

  1. Life-Safety Training – Are their security personnel capable of monitoring fire control systems, following code compliance, coordinating fire marshal functions and facilitating fire and evacuation drills for the building?
  2. Maintenance and Equipment Management – Does the firm manage or assist with the coordination of service and maintenance, as well as assuming day-to-day responsibility for gate systems, cameras and access control systems?
  3. Tenant Education Seminars – Do they provide new information on topics such as workplace violence, safety, emergency planning and management?
  4. Law Enforcement Liaison – Do they maintain open communication and a relationship with local law enforcement and emergency services on behalf of the building?
  5. Budgets – A thorough firm will track incidents on your property and provide data and local crime reports to help with your annual planning and budget process.
  6. Parking Safety – Do they offer patrols or a presence in loading docks, parking environments and provide after-hours escorts?
  7. Disaster Planning, Response and Recovery – Will they put in place a mass notification system and security protocols for your property, plus assist with communications to first responders?

As a bonus for reading, here is one more tip that will really help you identify the security firm that’s right for you. They should provide:
Best Practices Education – material that discusses security best practices to help you stay abreast of industry news and adjust your expectations for your security firm as new information is presented.

There you have it. A collaborative partnership with a quality security provider will help to ensure that your security program is meeting your needs and adding value throughout your facility.

Though many attendees of large events occasionally find themselves at odds with security protocols or agents, there is a certain sense of safety and well-being that comes with knowing a location is protected by authorized staff. This alone provides a significant, tangible benefit for the event in the form of reduced disorder by attendees.

Of course, every event poses its own unique challenges that must be considered carefully before a security plan can be created. For additional information and to see how we will handle your specific event, please contact us today.

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